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Things You Must Know Before Buying a PS4 – Part IV

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This is the final post in our ‘things you must know before buying the PS4’ series. If you haven’t read the other three parts, you can start with part one here. Otherwise, here are a few more highlights that’ll make you more knowledgeable before you purchase a brand new PlayStation console.

VIII. The PS Camera Can Do Some of What Kinect Can Do

A lot of praise has been showered on the Xbox’s Kinect feature, which effectively makes it possible for users to play their games and as well interact with the console via just voice and gestures. Although Microsoft was the pioneer with regards to this awesome technology, Sony was quick to jump on the bandwagon. The company launched its version of the Xbox Kinect, namely the PlayStation Camera. This accessory has to be purchased separately from the PS4 and goes for roughly $60. PlayStation Camera responds to voice commands and interprets the gamer’s gestures. It has dual cameras which work hand in hand to form 3D images. One of the awesome things about this accessory is that the cameras can actually recognize gamers’ faces. It also recognizes the light bars on the DualShock controllers and derives the position of the gamer based on that. Thus, if two or more gamers change positions or trade controllers, the PS camera is able to recognize that and feed in the data to the console.

VIII. Vita Remote Play

Sony released the PlayStation Vita, which is a handheld accessory that enhances the PS4 gaming experience. Vita is more of a companion than it is an accessory to the PlayStation 4. You can effectively mirror gameplay taking place on the console onto the Vita. This means you can turn off the TV and move the game to any room in your house. This will work only inside your home, since the Vita cannot stream games external to the same Wireless network quite well. You’ll have to part with about $200 to get the Vita, but it’ll certainly make your video gaming a lot better.

IX. You’ll Probably Need the Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand

As we mentioned in the first part of this series, you’ll need to get some accessories to make good use of your PS4 once you get it out of the box. One of the most important accessories that you ought to contemplate buying beforehand is the Ortz PS4 vertical stand, which goes for just about $25 and serves as a PS4 stand, cooling fan and DualShock 4 charging station. Why do you need this accessory? Because one of the most common PS4 problems is overheating after hours of continuous gameplay. This accessory takes care of the overheating problem and at the same time provides a vertical placement stand, and a dual charging unit that allows you to charge both your controllers at the same time. Watch a review of this accessory here. You can get the Ortz vertical stand here.

With these facts and details, you’ll be able to make an informed decision before you buy the PlayStation 4.

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Things You Must Know Before you Buy the PS4…Part Three

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In our continuation of the ‘things you must know before you buy the PS4’ series, we educate users with a few more points.

VI. Streaming and Sharing

The PlayStation 4 certainly offers multiple options when it comes to sharing those memorable game moments with friends, colleagues and/or family. The PlayStation 4 notably makes it possible for you to leverage big-name platforms, including the likes of Facebook, to share those awesome gaming moments that you’re just so jumpy about. The Dual Shock 4 controller comes equipped with a Share Button that unlocks a world of easy and convenience with regards to sharing. To start with, the console has a feature named ‘Game DVR’ that progressively captures the last quarter-of-an-hour of gameplay. At any point in time, gamers can grab a screenshot of that video via the PS4’s tools. They can also share their now-playing games with friends using live streaming video services such as Twitch and Ustream. Edited gameplay footage can also be shared later via Facebook or Twitter.

Sharing out of these named services, though, will be quite hard. You won’t be able to export your video to anywhere else other than Facebook. You cannot even export Ustream or Twitch completed videos to other platforms. So if you’re a Vimeo diehard and are looking to show the world your PS4 gaming prowess, you might have to wait until Sony’s Internal Development Team gets more creative.

VI.          Only 23 Games at Launch

As you might have heard, the PlayStation 4 comes with a number of games at launch. To be more precise, you get as many as 23 games at the time of launch. You have quite a number of titles that you can start with, including Sony’s own studios such as Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Sony seems to have invested a lot in independent game creators, even giving indies a lot of spotlight on the next-gen console. There’s every chance that Sony will have several titles coming down the line. But for the start, you have a small range of 23 games to choose from.

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Things You Must Know Before You Buy the PS4…Part Two

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In our last article, we highlighted a couple of things that you need to know before you hit the ‘Buy Now’ to get a brand new PlayStation 4. Today, we add a little more weight to that that list.

III. PS4 Hard Drive Space Quickly Wears Off

The PlayStation 4 comes with a 500GB hard drive, which might seem and sound like a lot right now. But if you’re the kind of gamer who wants a taste of everything good, you might want to give it an extra though. Prior models of the PlayStation console had 20, 60 or 80 GB worth of storage space at their time of launch a few years ago. But just as hard drives have grown in size, so have video games. Just so you get this clear, a big-budget, next gen, triple-A titles game will be 40GB hefty. Factor in all these facts and you’ll see a well-standing reason why you might need to expand your PS4 hard drive space.

IV. The PS4 Needs a Patch

Yes, this is another important fact that you need to be aware of before you buy the Sony PlayStation 4. The PS4 will need a patch as soon as you unpack the box and get it out. Before you get into the excitement frenzy that compels you to start experimenting with the launch games, you need a patch that opens-up most a significant number of the PS4’s most talked about features. Including the ability to stream content to PS-Vita, share games and as well download in the background. More so, this 300 MB patch will be needed if you intend to play Blue-rays or DVDs, since Sony will be paying a content-licensing company every time a user unlocks this feature.

V. It Doesn’t Play Well With Your Media

One of the PS3’s biggest winning points was its ability to work with all your media. The earlier version of the PS4 was able to play MP3s, CDs, and as well work as a media box for DLNA. Somehow though, Sony decided to regress on all this functionality. The open-interface media ability of the PlayStation 3 certainly won’t work with the PS4. This realization certainly attracted a lot of criticism from users, but there’s just nothing more anyone can do about it.

Again, these facts will improve your knowledge of the PlayStation 4 well before you buy it. In our next post, we highlight yet more facts to shed more light into the PlayStation 4 for people who’re actually considering buying it.

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Things You Must Know Before you Buy the PS4…Part One

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Hitting Google to buy a brand-new, shiny PlayStation 4? You must be excited. Well, there are good reasons to be. First, the PlayStation 4 is arguably the number 1. Video gaming console available today. That means you get a nice, kick-ass way to strike down your boring Saturday afternoons. However, before you rush to eBay and hit the Buy Now button, there are a few things you ought to know.

I.             What’s in the Box?

So, what do you get in the package when you spend a few hundred dollars to get your hands on the number one video console in the market? The PS4 package comes with a HDMI cable, a power cable, 1 DualShock 4 controller, a micro-USB charging cable, and as well as mono headset that you can use for voice chat. You need to understand what the contents of the box are for. To start with, you’ll use the HDMI cable to connect your console to your big screen TV, if need be. Based on the existing architecture, the HDMI is the only connection that the PS4 has got working for external display. The charging cable is self-explanatory. However, it’s important to note that PS4 controllers bought separately will not come pre-packaged with this cable.

II.           You Need Paid Subscription…aka PlayStation Plus

The fact that you buy your PS4 doesn’t mean that you’ll be rocking it all through. You still need a number of accessories to have the complete package. More so, you need to dip your hand back in your pocket and fish out an affordable $60 yearly to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus program? Why? Because without PlayStation Plus (PSN), you can’t really do that match with your console. You can see the PSN as the Xbox Live part of the PlayStation experience. PlayStation Plus makes it possible for you to automatically download updates for your games while the console is suspended. More so, you get a sizeable 1GB worth of cloud storage to save your game data for free. However, if all you want to do is stream games to services such as Ustream and Twitch, you don’t necessarily need PlayStation Plus. This is the same case if the most important thing to you is to share your video games to social networks, for instance, using Facebook.

In our next article, we’ll highlight more facts that you need to know before you buy the PS4. Check out part 2 of this blog post above.

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